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Archived Monthly Newsletters

Here is a list of our previous FootScope Monthly Newsletters, which have now been replaced with our interactive monthly Proactive Podiatry Blogs.

Our Monthly Newsletters are jam packed full of interesting and informative foot health information for you and your family. This is why we have decided to keep them for you to look at whenever you want.

If you would like to know more about any of the topics below, please feel free to get in touch, by contacting us at contact@propod.com.au

We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Happy reading!!

FootScope Archived Monthly Newsletters 2013


Foot Health and Ageing-FootScope Newsletter, January Issue 2013

Pregnancy and Foot Pain –FootScope Newsletter, May Issue 2013

Growing Pains-FootScope Newsletter, June Issue 2013

Children’s Feet-FootScope Newsletter July Issue 2013

Aged Care-FootScope Newsletter, August Issue 2013

Teenagers-FootScope Newsletter, September Issue 2013

Foot Health Week Special-FootScope Newsletter, October Issue 2013

Falls Prevention-FootScope Newsletter, November Issue 2013

Obesity-FootScope Newsletter, December Issue 2013

Monthly Newsletters for the whole family

FootScope Archived Monthly Newsletters 2014


Corns, Calluses & Blisters-FootScope Newsletter, January Issue 2014

Ballet-FootScope Newsletter, February Issue 2014

Clubfoot-FootScope Newsletter, March Issue 2014

High Risk Foot Conditions-FootScope Newsletter, April Issue 2014

Children-FootScope Newsletter, May Issue 2014

Tendonitis-FootScope Newsletter, June Issue 2014

Tinea-FootScope Newsletter, July Issue 2014

Neuroma-FootScope Newsletter, August Issue 2014

Orthotics-FootScope Newsletter, September Issue 2014

Pedicures & Cracked Heels-FootScope Newsletter, October Issue 2014

Warts-FootScope Newsletter, November Issue 2014

Cancer of the Foot-FootScope Newsletter, December Issue 2014

Cancer of the Foot Part 2-FootScope Newsletter, December Issue 2014

monthly newsletters

FootScope Archived Monthly Newsletters 2015


Summer Feet – FootScope Newsletter, January Issue 2015

Sprains, Strains & Fractures- FootScope Newsletter, February Issue 2015

Back to School- FootScope Newsletter, March Issue 2015

Feet & The Brain- FootScope Newsletter, April Issue 2015

Feet & The Heart- FootScope Newsletter ,May Issue 2015

Running- FootScope Newsletter, June Issue 2015

Injuries at Work –FootScope Newsletter, July Issue 2015

Winter Chilblains –FootScope Newsletter, August Issue 2015

Gout –FootScope Newsletter, September Issue 2015

Pronation & Sport –FootScope Newsletter,October Issue 2015

Amputation Aftercare –FootScope Newsletter, November Issue 2015

Rheumatoid Arthritis –FootScope Newsletter, December Issue 2015

Monthly Newsletters

FootScope Archived Monthly Newsletters 2016


Barefoot Running –FootScope Newsletter, January Issue 2016

Treating Foot Problems in Athletes –FootScope Newsletter, February Issue 2016

Recommendation for Prescription Orthoses –FootScope Newsletter, March Issue 2016

Preventative Benefits of Orthoses –FootScope Newsletter, April Issue 2016


If you would like further information about the podiatry profession and what you can do to improve your current foot health status, you can visit the National Podiatry Association Website.











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