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Podiatry Workcover Claims & Motor Vehicle Accidents

Podiatry WorkcoverPodiatry Workcover Insurance Claims

We also service patients covered by Workcover. A claim number, name of insurer, contact details of employer, as well as other relevant information must be presented on, or prior to, your initial consultation.

Please note that we are unable to extend prolonged credit for these claims, and if the claim is declined, the patient will be wholly responsible for their account and will need to settle the account within a 14 day period.

Podiatry Workcover

Podiatry Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claims

Proactive Podiatry welcomes all patients who have an active MVA insurance claim approved for podiatry services.

Patients are required to provide their active claim number, name and contact details of their case manager and any other relevant information on, or prior to, the time of initial consultation.