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Podiatry Home Visits

Podiatry home visits are available at Proactive Podiatry for patients with limited mobility and difficulties accessing the medical centre.

We offer local podiatry home visits as we understand that some of our patients are unable to physically come to us and we want to ensure they are still having their feet looked after. Podiatry home visits

Who Is Eligible for Podiatry Home Visits?


To be eligible for home visits patients must have one of the following in place:

  • An existing home visit agreement with your GP (GP already visits your house for treatment).
  • A letter from your GP requesting podiatry home visitations.

We also need to ensure that our visiting podiatrist is safe, so we will ask a range of questions to determine the suitability of a home visit. This may include such questions as living arrangements, pets, access to your property, smoking inside, and the general treating environment.

At Proactive Podiatry we do try our absolute best to cater for all of our clients needs but we do need to ensure it is suitable for both the podiatrist and the patient to treat in the home.

Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Card Holders are eligible for home visit services if they no longer have a license and are unable to travel in a DVA supplied taxi service.


Are There Additional Fees for Podiatry Home Visits?

Travel fees will be charged for home visits, the travel fee is dependant on geographical location and distance travelled. This will be discussed prior to your scheduled visit.


Making a Podiatry Home Visit Appointment:

If you require a home visitation from our friendly podiatrist or would like to make an enquiry for a beloved family member then please contact our clinic on (08) 8262 4185 or email at contact@propod.com.au for further details.

Online bookings are currently not available for this service, as they are approved on a case by case basis.