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Keeping Up to Date With Foot Manipulation Therapy (FMT)

This month our team at Proactive Podiatry, Alison (Podiatrist) and Monique (Owner) participated in the 3 day, Level 1 and 2 Foot Manipulation Therapy (FMT) Workshop.

This fabulous professional development event was facilitated by Foot Manipulation guru Ted Jedynak, owner of the Foot and Leg Centre in North Adelaide.

Foot Manipulation Therapy

The Whole FMT Team!

While Monique was there to up skill and perfect her Foot Manipulation Therapy skills, Alison was mentoring and helping students to learn these specific Foot Manipulation Techniques.

Alison has been undertaking Foot Manipulation Therapy on her patients regularly at our Pooraka clinic. It is so rewarding that Alison can use her skills and knowledge to teach other podiatrist and health care practitioners from  Australia and overseas. Ted’s workshops always draw a crowd, with participants from Hong Kong, New Zealand, UK and Singapore.

Foot Manipulation Therapy or FMT is a very effective form of joint manipulation, treating many foot alignment and functional issues. Foot Manipulation Therapy is widely used by health professionals to restore normal foot function and motion.

This gentle, specific and painless technique stimulates the body’s ability to repair and restore itself, reducing pain and inflammation.

Foot Manipulation Therapy begins with regular and intensive treatments to help treat the pain and inflammation in the area. Specific home exercises also help the foot function better, by increasing strength, flexibility and balance.

In some cases this form or therapy can make you less reliant on traditional methods of treatment like orthotics, surgery or pain relief medication.

Foot Manipulation Therapy Workshop Photos:

Thanks again to Ted and Alison for a wonderful workshop which will allow us to help more people with their foot pain.

Foot Manipulation Therapy

Alison teaching correct technique!

Foot Manipulation Therapy

Alison, Allowing Students to Practice on Her for Feedback.

Foot Manipulation Therapy

Ted Giving Monique and Podiatrist Some Good Feedback

Foot Manipulation Therapy

Ted Jedynak Presenting

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