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Features to Look For in an Electronic Document Management System

Many companies are faced with a large amount of sensitive documents. With an EDMS they can automate a variety of document-related tasks, making time and resources that could be better spent on higher-level purchasing decisions and improving relationships with customers.

A document management software helps companies comply with regulatory requirements by making sure that documents are stored, managed, and destroyed according to guidelines set by the organization. This ensures that employees can easily access the required data reduces the chance of non-compliance penalties as well as legal action, and improves overall productivity.

Capturing and imaging is one of the most important capabilities an EDMS can provide. This lets users upload images of documents or digital files with optical recognition software. After capturing, the EDMS will arrange the files and mark them with metadata so that it easy for authorized users to find and retrieve them.

A EDMS should also allow for an intuitive and instinctive management of files, including the capability to be organized into logical folders and standardized names. The EDMS must also have search capabilities that allow documents to be easily located. Searching for the unique identifier for an item is an easy way to locate it. More complex searches can combine the identifying code with other metadata in order to generate a matching list of files.

Finaly, an EDMS must include real-time collaboration functions, so that team member can collaborate on shared files from any device. This helps save time by reducing the need to send and wait for updated versions of files. It also makes for more efficient communication between team members.

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