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Advantages of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services enable companies to utilize enterprise software without investing in new hardware or software. This can save time, money and effort. This allows companies to move faster from operations to innovation and gain an advantage.

Servers can be expensive, and unless you invest in redundancy, for example an array that is redundant and has independent disks, there’s a great chance that some of your servers will fail at any point. Moreover, the maintenance of servers and the space required to set them up could increase quickly. Add to that the fact that servers require constant cooling and you’ll be looking at a substantial operating cost.

You can access your applications and data from any place with an internet connection. This lets your employees work more efficiently on the road, in the office or on their mobile devices.

Cloud computing also allows rapid scaling of virtual resources and storage. You can quickly and easily add capacity to accommodate a rapid increase in demand, and scale back down just as quickly when things slow down. This is referred to as elasticity and is a key benefit of cloud.

There are only a few major cloud providers with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google being the top three, with the majority of the market share. The other top contenders are VMware and OpenStack. However, as the cloud continues to grow we’re seeing more shift towards multi-cloud strategies. This is partly because it avoids the risk of vendor lock-in, but it’s also because working with multiple providers offers more flexibility.

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